Pershore Lifeguard in Round Island Swim

Alex jackson is a 16 year old engineering student who works part-time as a recreational assistant (lifeguard) at Pershore leisure.  He has been using the pool at Pershore since he was 5 undertaking lessons and starting Lifesaving with South Worcestershire Lifesaving club when he was 7.  His commitment to Lifesaving took over when he started taking part in Lifesaving sport competitions when he was 13, resulting in the time he spends in a pool increasing to 7 times a week to achieve his goal including sessions starting at 5:45 am twice a week.

In January 2018 he took part in the SLA welsh Lifesaving championships winning 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals and a bronze medal.  More. importantly he achieved the qualifying times for the World Lifesaving Championships in Adelaide in November 2018. LWC 2018

Alex has been entered to take part in RLSS brownsea island swim (www.rlss-poole.org.uk/brownsea), this is an incredible 6.5km open water sea swim around the island of Brownsea in Poole. His lifesaving club South Worcestershire (SWLC) have kindly agreed to support him (and will be also providing Lifesaving cover for the event) and now he he is hoping to use the so the event as a sponsored swim to help him raise the funds to go to Australia.

Alex’s crowdfunding page: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/vanessa-eagland?utm_id=2&utm_term=8p2QyjZN9

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