Ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn to swim will ensure a fitter. healthier and safer generation of young people.

Swimming Lessons


Swimming Lessons

ASA Swimming Lessons (From 4yrs)

If your child is a non-swimmer and 4 years or older, they can be registered on an ASA Stage 1 course. If they can already swim without armbands they can register for a free assessment to place them at the appropriate stage.

To help parents keep track of their child’s development, lesson plans are displayed on the notice board at the centre. These show the course dates, times and teachers as well as information about the content of each stage. At the end of each course each child is given a yellow card which advances them to the next appropriate stage, subject to them receiving the required criteria.

ASA Award Scheme

From basic safety at Stage 1 through to developing a variety of advanced techniques at Stage 7, this nationally recognised course is the ideal way to introduce core swimming skills and water safety.

Stage 1 Developing basic safety awareness, the ‘class’ scenario, basic movement skills and water confidence skills. Swimmers may use aids, e.g. arm bands, floats etc.

Stage 2 Developing safe entries to the water, including jumping in, basic floating, travel and rotation unaided to regain upright positions. Swimmers may use aids, e.g. arm bands, floats etc.

Stage 3 Developing safe entries including submersion, travel up to 10 metres on the front and back, progress rotation skills and water safety knowledge.

Stage 4 Developing the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking technique for all strokes and swimming 10 metres to a given standard as directed by the ASA.

Stage 5 Developing ‘watermanship’ through sculling and treading water skills, and complete rotation, also performing all strokes to the given standard as directed by the ASA.

Stage 6 Developing effective swimming skills including coordinated breathing; developing the water safety aspects and understanding of preparation for exercise.

Stage 7 Developing quality stroke technique up to 100 metres, incorporating skills learnt and combining them to develop a linked routine and complete successfully an obstacle course that combines a variety of skills accomplished throughout stages 1 – 7.

Information for new parents regarding ASA
  • Swimming lessons are held on Saturday mornings and weekday evenings.
  • Lessons are 30 minutes each.
  • Courses run continuously throughout the year in courses of 10 weeks.
  • All equipment for the lessons e.g. arm bands, floats etc. are provided.
  • Before your child starts lessons they will need to wear the appropriate swimming costume or trunks with no long shorts or wetsuits.
  • Long hair must be tied back or a swimming cap must be worn.
  • Please ensure your child has visited the toilet before entering the water.
  • If your child is feeling unwell please consider whether they are fit enough to attend the lesson.
  • If the child has goggles they must be able to take them on and off themselves as the teacher will not be able to do this for them.
  • Children are reminded to use lockers to store their clothing as this will reduce any possibility of theft or damage.
Rookie Lifeguard Lessons

For those children who have completed stage 7 of the ASA Swimming Award Scheme why not try our Rookie Lifeguard Lessons? The Bronze, Silver and Gold stage awards ensure children have a solid safety education, and have learned rescue and resuscitation techniques.

Ducklings Lessons (From 3 yrs)

Ducklings Lessons are available as a 10 week course for children aged 3 years+ of mixed abilities.

One to One Lessons

One to One  swimming lessons provide a more personal and concentrated lesson format, with the teacher able to spend more time on stroke and skill development. Personal swimming lessons are available for both children and adults.

Adult Lessons

Available for both beginners and people who want to develop their water skills. A qualified swimming instructor is there to help you gain more confidence in the water and improve your swimming technique.

Welcome Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian

Welcome to our Junior Swimming Lessons.

We provide a high standard of swimming tuition, using qualified and experienced teachers, to ensure that your child’s progression is as quick and safe as possible.

On the first week of the lessons we would like the children to wait near the entrance from the changing area until the teacher calls their name from the register. After this, your child will be able to recognise their teacher and know where to wait for their lesson to start so we will be able to minimise congestion near the shower entrance.

Children are reminded to use lockers to store their clothing as this will release space in the changing rooms and reduce any possibility of theft or damage. You will need to use a 20p coin to get a locker but this is refunded when you re-open your locker.

At the start of each new course the pool alarm is tested, so children know what to do and how to respond in an emergency. In the event of a fire alarm being activated children will be escorted to the front of the building where parents will be able to meet them.

Next to the changing village entrance we have a large notice board which displays information about the lesson grades (1 -7) and tick sheets to chart the progress of each individual child. From week 2 the teacher will mark these sheets as children achieve the skill or stroke elements of the grade and this assessment continues right up until the end of the lesson on week 10.

When your child is in stage 6 they have to swim with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts on (loose T-shirt and shorts no longer than the knee are advised) please bring these with you every week during this stage only.

On the last week of the lessons (week 10) the children are given a Yellow ‘next course recommended’ card which you will need to bring to reception to book your child onto the next course. (Payment is required at time of booking)

Payment can be made using cash, cheque, debit card or credit card.

We are constantly trying to improve our levels of service so if you have any queries or questions about the lessons please do not hesitate to contact Reception or speak to the Duty Manager.


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