Healthy Hearts

Activity Referral

The Healthy Hearts programme provides supervised sessions and health education for people who are at relatively high risk of suffering coronary heart disease, becoming obese, developing diabetes, or any other condition that would benefit from supervised exercise programmes.

The programme is delivered by Rivers qualified gym instructors and complements the existing Phase 3 & 4 Cardiac Rehab programmes, which are delivered by Evesham Vale Cardiac Rehab.

Your GP may refer you onto the scheme if:

The Healthy Hearts programme is only open to those who have been referred by a health professional or have completed a Phase 4 Cardiac Rehab programme.

How can physical activity help me?

Increasing the amount of physical activity you do can make enormous improvements to your health, wellbeing and lifestyle. A physically active lifestyle has been proved to:

Unfortunately modern lifestyles do not encourage an active lifestyle due to increased use of cars, increased use of computers in the workplace and at home.

What counts as physical activity?

The key to enjoying physical activity is to incorporate fun activities into your everyday life.

What can I expect from the Healthy Hearts Programme?

  1. An initial assessment and test of your health and fitness, carried out by medically trained staff.
  2. A personal exercise plan based upon your medical conditions and current health & fitness.
  3. An exercise programme of one visit per week for 12 weeks, at times to be agreed with you.
  4. Exercising alongside others who have been referred by health professionals – people like you!
  5. Close supervision by a highly qualified exercise instructor, who will give you personal advice and assistance.
  6. Information sessions on adopting a healthy lifestyle (including diet and fitness), given by medically trained staff.
  7. A final assessment and test of your health and fitness, to highlight improvements.
  8. The opportunity for your spouse or partner to attend the programme with you, providing you with support (and to benefit themselves).
  9. The opportunity (for you and your spouse or partner) to continue exercising after completing the initial programme.

How much does it cost?

Healthy Hearts programmes are subsidised by Evesham Vale Cardiac Rehab. Consequently the cost to you is kept to a minimum.
Initial induction and assessment is FREE.

There are two payment options:

Pay As You Go
The Healthy Hearts programme consists of one supervised session per week for twelve weeks, at the reduced cost of £2 per session.

Lump Sum Payment
You can choose to pay the subsidised cost in one payment of £20. This is a 20% reduction compared with the ‘pay as you go’ option.

If you choose to attend more than once a week,those extra sessions will be at the concessionary rate of £3.40.
On completion of the 12 week programme, participants will be entitled to a 12 month concessionary membership which entitles you to a discount on the gym, swimming, badminton, table tennis and health suite.


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